Opening September 24th, 6-8pm. On view by appointment through December 3rd.

Greyory Blake's HUD is a site-specific installation of new work that references fasciation, machine vision, object tracking, and edge detection.

On view, a towering Herman Miller cubicle wall calls attention to blockish abstractions of a Langstroth hive and tree swarm trap. These boxes project two programmatically generated dynamic video works: one of a heads-up display from a slowly turning aerial flight overlay, the other of a mutating slideshow containing hallucinatory terrains, plants, and flowers. On the surrounding walls, vertical panel works referred to as "Follower Boards," are hung noticeably low to further amplify the daunting presence of the central, standing office partition. The viewer assumes the role of the worker: observing flight patterns, detecting data linkage, gaining a sense of control. Together, all items present a discreet narrative that provokes the invisible labors and eroding boundaries present within a claustrophobic administrative space.

Greyory Blake is a Philadelphia-based filmmaker, artist, and educator working with video, coding, performance, and photography. They received their MFA in Photography & Film at Virginia Commonwealth University, are a graduate of the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art and the School for Poetic Computation, co-founder and co-curator of Office Space 2, and gallery member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia.

They have exhibited work, participated in film screenings, and contributed performances at The Federal University of Espírito Santo (Vitória, Brazil) and Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo, Brazil), Prime Produce (New York, NY), nationalmuseum (Berlin, Germany), Sow & Tailor (Los Angeles, CA), and Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL). They have published works with Huner Francis Missing Observer Studies, Number:Inc., and UDLI Editions. Their work is included in the special collections at the MoMA Library, Whitney Museum Library, and Cybernetics Library.