Inefficacy Models

Inefficacy Models is an exploration of visual similitude within a failed technological remnant. The book's photo series holds references to archive and artifact, outdated computation and storage, technology and tools of war, the stark architecture of material stockpiling, weather-worn commune subcultures and their architectural innovations, and failed business ventures. The images are punctuated by seemingly placid, visually dense, and inhospitable landscapes within the outskirts of human intervention — the human hand seen only as apparition: tire marks in snow, a journal from an experiment, the concrete from which the thorny weed grows. Degrading natural and human-made surfaces are presented as one, within a uniformly low-contrast, shallow image plane that is paralleled by a theoretical flattening of space, time, depth

Together, the world presented to us begins to read as viscerally tactile, punctuated by large passages of dancing lines and dots throughout the book. When the pages are flipped, these seemingly abstract illustrations of coded information awaken as a kineograph that reveals slow shifts in unclear movement and insubstantially recognizable forms — a hard drive defragmenting only to summon further mysteries. The time-based nature of the book unravels as its sequential passage is slowed or accelerated at will, informing a broader, textural space, a space suspended between a past of methodical, agnostic violence and a post-apocalyptic, post-human future.

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